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In order to succeed in today’s ever changing marketing, political and economic conditions, in the middle of a highly competitive global market, where knowledge, leadership, technology and innovation are key drivers for successfully running any business, we have developed this site, so our readers have a source with a complete access to tips, articles, techniques and information highly relevant to managers growth their business, as well as their personal and professional career.

Our Scope

Our goal is to cover, in a concise way, a wide assortment of aspects managers need to acknowledge for having success within the organizations they belong.  From middle to top management positions we cover subjects from most of the functional areas or departments typically found in most business organizations (Human Resources, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Purchasing, Logistics, Operations, Administration, Finance and information Systems.  So it is suitable to prospects, senior managers and directors from each of these areas, as well as for general managers and CEO’s too.

How we do it

In our section of “How to…” we present a collection of methods and procedures commonly used among highly successful companies. Subjects covered in this part include: Staffing and Hiring procedures, Variable Compensation systems, Balance Score Card, Budgeting, Marketing Plan Development, Sales Forecasts, Buying Methods, Evaluation Systems and KPI’s, Financial Statements Analysis and Decision Making.